New Year, New Blue

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House DFL Fundraiser – Oct 18th

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Representative Jamie Becker-Finn | Anne Claflin | Leigh & Peter Currie
Katie Simon Dastych & Jerry Dastych | Representative Jim Davnie | Chuck Dayton & Sara Evans
Jessica & Dustin Denison | Senator Scott Dibble & Richard Leyva | Representative Peter Fischer
Aisha Gomez | Representative Rick Hansen | Representative Alice Hausman
Kathryn Hoffman & Brad Thompson | Representative Frank Hornstein
Ruhel Islam | Ghitti Kerdklai | Aaron Klemz | Phil & Lynda Murray | Michael Noble
Matt Norton & Jane Stockman | Hillary Oppmann & Andy Holdsworth | Cordelia Pierson
Shari Seifert & Melissa Brooks | Bob Sykora & Paul Figlmiller
Mark Ten Eyck & LaRaye Osborne | Senator Patricia Torres Ray & Jack Ray
Gerry Tyrrell & Kevin Reuther | Bob & Rev. Nancy Victorin-Vangerud
Representative Jean Wagenius | Jay Wilkinson & Karen Covington
(committee in formation)

Candidates Speak Out Segment

I recently sat down to discuss my goals for representing 66A in the Minnesota House on CTV North Suburbs Public Access. They invite local candidates to share their thoughts and highlight issues important to them in the upcoming election for five uninterrupted minutes.

You can view the above video of my segment or watch it on air at various times on CTV’s public access channels. This video segment can also be found on YouTube here.

Get Ready for Election Day

The big day is coming up! If you haven’t already signed up for your ballot by mail (Absentee) or voted in person at an Early Vote Center, you’ll need to be ready for the long lines and delights of the democratic process.

Tips for the Election Day voter:

  • Unregistered voters may register and vote at their polling place, with required documentation, which is outlined here.
  • Check to see where your polling place is.
  • Polling places open 7 AM – 8 PM. Voters in line by 8 PM have the right to vote.
  • Do some research or print off a Sample Ballot before you go
  • Employers must give you time to vote on Election Day (or serve as an Election Judge).
  • Be nice to the Election Judges! Most are volunteers on Election Day, but all have been at your polling place for a long time that day.

Want to serve as an Election Judge? Find out more information about who can, how to request time off from your employer, and fill out the application for Ramsey County elections.