Last Legislative Update of 2018

Neighbors and Friends,

The warm days of summer are certainly upon us and I hope you are enjoying all the activities our weather allows. Here is my last update from the Capitol:

Protecting our Neighbors

Governor Dayton sent a letter to President Trump to urge him to extend Temporary Protected Status for Somali Americans. As the home of the International Institute of Minnesota located across Como Avenue from the State Fairgrounds, I try to make sure that my district is especially welcoming to those resettling in Minnesota.

Tax Filing Tips

The Department of Revenue has been working on updates to the tax filing systems for taxpayer use next year. Click 2019 Filing Season for Tax Year 2018 for more information.

While you’re there, check out information for the Political Contribution Refund program. This allows you to donate to the candidate or party of your choice and receive a full refund ($50 per individual, $100 per couple).

The Bell Museum

The state-of-the art museum officially opened over the weekend. We are very lucky to have this beautiful planetarium and learning center resource located in the heart of 66A. Helping guide this U of M institution’s funding goals has been a project of mine at the Minnesota legislature for a few years, so it has been wonderful to see the results of hard work and planning.

Learn more about the new Bell Museum’s hours, programs, features and special events.

New ID and Driver’s License Card Design

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety just released updated designs for driver’s licenses and ID cards. The redesigned cards will be available in August at all driver’s license service centers in Minnesota at the same cost as the old cards.

Here are a few helpful things to know. You do not need to replace your current driver’s license or ID card, unless the card is expiring, or you need to change your address or name. Minnesotans will be able to use their current license and ID card until the expiration date on the card.

Minnesotans whose application or renewal is processed after August, 6, 2018 will receive the new look card. Minnesotans whose driver’s licenses or identification cards expire before October 2018 should plan to renew their cards as they normally would. If you want to see some of the new features and the new look designs click here.

Be sure to update your voter registration, as well, or have your up-to-date ID with you and proof of residence when you register on Election Day to vote in the Primary and General Elections.


State Budget and the 2018 Session

A few weeks have lapsed since the conclusion of the 2018 legislative session, and we are reflecting on the consequences of a session with few accomplishments.

In a recent Star Tribune commentary, my State Senate counterpart, Senator John Marty, sums up the chaos created when Minnesota’s currently GOP-controlled legislature rushed through midnight “monster” bills – without allowing us, your elected representatives, enough time to read their contents – and why Governor Dayton vowed to veto these lengthy last-minute versions from an overall disappointing session.

I hope to keep representing the sensible, inclusive ideals of these organizations, District 66A, and you in a more prosperous 2019-2020 legislative term in the Minnesota House of Representatives.



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